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How it Works

You have questions?  I have the answers.  Here is how I design a plan for you

Why it Works

1 -1 and Personalised

Do you want maximum results in minimum time?

With over 23 years experience showing men and women how to lose fat, gain lean muscle tone and change their whole health, fitness and body shape in minimum time, you are in experienced hands.  Having access to Dana 1-1 through emails, text, Facebook and coaching calls, your results are accelerated!   You Decide, You Commit and Dana is with you each step of the way to guarantee you succeed.  It’s as easy as that!





The first step to creating change is deciding you are no longer going to stay where you are. 

Are you ready to create change?

Apply for your FREE 15 minute telephone consultation with Dana. After finding out your goals, Dana will create a simple, easy to follow, results based program for you to follow. 

With over 23 years experience and a weight loss expert, you are in good hands!  The first step is often the hardest. 

Be brave, take the step and get excited…

Frustrated how your clothes fit?  Unhappy when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror?  Body shape changing? (and not for the better!)  You know DIETS don’t work long term.  So what is the answer?

A fast metabolism is the key to incinerating fat and creating a tone, healthy, fit body!

If you are over 35 years, your metabolism is slowing down naturally – this could spell disaster if you want to get in tip top shape.  Dana shows you HOW to speed up your metabolism and blast fat WITHOUT dieting.

Dana’s eating plans are a must!

Training isn’t rocket science, but it is science!  So few people (including trainers) really understand HOW to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass and create a fit and healthy body, (especially if you are over 35 and a woman!)

Dana specialises in women and men’s health over 35 years.

Why spend hours exercising and NOT getting the results you are after or worse still, injured! 

Dana will create a program for you to follow, with or without equipment, at a gym, at home, outdoors - the possibilities are endless and the results guaranteed!

Your personalised program is just that – designed just for you, your fitness and your goals.

Your current health and fitness is a reflection of your thoughts.  Change your thoughts, change your results.  Do you want ok results OR serious results for the same amount of time, effort and money you put in to your health and fitness?  Serious Results right?

Often exercise and eating habits can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes lonely which can often lead to poor results or even worse, no results because you give up!  Sound familiar?    Imagine having your own personal trainer, encouraging you, motivating you, helping you overcome road blocks and guiding you step by step to reach your goal!

If you are serious about creating results, apply for 1-1 coaching, you won’t regret it!

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